Thank you!

I have so many people to thank for this book that I have made a list. (If for some stupid reason I have left you off, you know me well enough to know that it’s my carelessness not my lack of appreciation which is the cause… feel free )

  • Karen Liubinskas – my wonderful wife who has put up with over 14 months of this shenanigans. Plus she read it.
  • Lucy and Grace – for being an inspiration for me to write it and always supportive.
  • Sam my son – for being the first person under 20 to read it fully and give me good feedback.
  • Caty Germon – full proofreading and marketing support.
  • Kathey Carreiro – full proofread and lots of feedback, plus an amazing interview.
  • Tim Bull – for editing feedback and getting his kids to read the book.
  • Kate Miller from Publishizer – excellent support and the push that got me to do this.
  • Sofia Labonte – for being an early reader and giving me great feedback.
  • Jeanmarie Labonte – for asking Sophia to read it and getting her bookclub to read it too.
  • Karen Kaushansky – we met at SxSW when I started getting ideas on this and was very supportive. She also introduced me to some robotics groups.
  • Mum and dad – for being early backers and also encouraging me to try new things.
  • Erica Lee – for lots of ideas and PR help.
  • Pippa Galway – for a full proofread.
  • Mary Kole – for a full edit and lots of tough feedback.
  • Millie Zinner (a real life AZ) and startup star. –
  • Natalie Yan-Chatonsky worked together way back at IBM –
  • Annie Parker – regulary called out my BS at muru-D –
  • Kate Kirwin – leading the way in WA –
  • Phoebe Adams – relentless persistence. –
  • Simone James – will be CEO of $1B company by 2028 –
  • Yasmin Grigaliunas – the queen of hustle –
  • Erica HooperLee (Lee) – putting up with me for 10 years now… –
  • Emma Poposka – building the future –
  • Cate Hull – quietly achieving a big success –
  • Alex Germon – wonderful blast from the past –
  • Brittany Maalona – making her daughter memorize the book –
  • Angela Manners – always so supportive –
  • Anastasia Cammaroto – key leadership role in Australia
  • More to come. Please ping me if you should be on this list.

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I'm a dad, tech guy, big into climate tech.

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