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This book is great for teenage kids who likes reading, science, technology, engineering, maths, coding or robotics. Amazon USA Amazon UK Booktopia Australia Amazon Australia Book Depository – Global, free shipping Amazon Mexico , Amazon France, Amazon India, Amazon Brazil, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, Amazon UAE, Amazon Sweden We’re also on GoodReads here and GoogleContinue reading “Buy the Book”

It’s going to be published!

Great news, we’ve secured a publisher for the book – thank you all for your support. The wonderful people at Mango Media are publishing the book and I’m excited to be working with them.  They are the fastest growing independent publisher in the US. We are targeting later in 2020 to get the bookContinue reading “It’s going to be published!”

Letter to a 20 year old woman in a hurry

I came across this nice post today by Michelle Redern; It’s a letter to herself back as a 20 year old. Highlights: Slow down to speed up. Being a rebel can be conforming. Ask more questions. It does make me think about whether you should be going fast as a 20 year old andContinue reading “Letter to a 20 year old woman in a hurry”